Hi Low Card Counting Technique in Blackjack

Blackjack ranks as arguably one of the most popular casino games you can find at a casino. The game has a long history in the gambling industry boasting of high wins and cash rewards such as at https://www.online-casino-new-zealand.org . The hi low counting system has been around for some time in blackjack games. Find out below whether the hi-low strategy can help you beat the house.

What is the Hi Lo Card Counting Technique

The Hi-Lo system for card counting in blackjack ranks as one of the most popular advantage strategies you can use at the casino. Most people often describe the betting strategy without actually knowing this specific card counting system. The system is highly practicable at the casino while boasting of a high chance of beating the house. It is simple and highly effective at the casino.

  1. Subject to losses
  2. Tied to wagering requirements

In case you have read about the mathematical analysis of how the use of card counting gives you an edge, you have to try hi lo system. The chances when trying hi-lo card system is based specially for the analysis means. The strategy goes down as one of the first card counting techniques in history books. It can be found in the professional blackjack book.

How to Count Cards with Hi-Lo System

The hi-lo system starts with the player keeping track on the ration of the high cards to the low cards that remains on the deck. Hence, the players can raise the bets the time the odds are in their favor. In case a deck is relatively a high number of aces with 10 cards on it, you will be more likely to deal a blackjack.

Hence you will receive a payout of either 2 or 3. The reality of the strategy is that each card dealt out of the deck will have an impact on the odds. In case you can keep a rough estimate that goes with the ratio, you can know when to raise the bets and to which extent. Each card using the Hi-lo system comes attached with a value.

How to Convert a Running Count to a True Count

In case you are playing on a single deck, it should not come as a worry. The running count will either be less or more to the accurate occurrence of whether the deck are good or bad. However, not all blackjack games are played on a single deck. Most blackjack games feature between six and right decks. Many cards come in multiple decks that affects each card dealt.

What I the reason for this? This is because when an ace is dealt from a 52 card deck, a player will only be left with 3 aces. In case an ace is dealt from the pack with 8 decks, 31 aces remain making a small change. The diluting effect makes the running count divided with the number of cards that remain.

How to Bet Size

You can gain the edge at the casino through the Hi-lo system from sizing the bets. Start by making a betting range before you begin to play. It is advisable to go for bets that range between one to four units. However, you can take up the bet up to 10 bets. By taking the 10 units, you reduce the possibilities of countering all the risks from the casino.

  • Go for high units
  • Try the conservative max bet

Most dealers are aware of the counting techniques at the casino. When a player makes wide range of bets, you can be accused of counting. Hence, the house responds by shuffling each hand. You might be banned from the casino on the worst case scenario. It is advisable to size the bets based on the true count and not on the running count.

Will the Hi-Lo Card Technique Work with Online Blackjack?

The Hi-lo betting strategy ranks as one of the most popular strategies for card counting with blackjack. The card counting strategy gives you an edge over the house by calculating the approximate ratio of appearance of high cards in relation to the low cards on the deck. However, can you depend on the Hi-lo card system with online blackjack to win real money?

The Hi-lo card counting technique is applicable at brick and mortar casinos. Online casinos remove the chance of applying the strategy due to the random number generator. The RNG shuffles the cards on each new hand to prevent the chances of ranging the high cards and low cards. It is not the most recommended method for making informative changes to your strategy decisions.