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Hard Drive Doesn’t Recognise

My PC doesn’t recognize my external HD after i did the defragment process on the external HD in error. Could you advise if it is able to be recovered or not?

Hard drive is making a grinding noise within the housing. Originally a beeping noise but now a grinding sound. It is recognised but the data isn’t readable.

Looking to get some image files recovered that have been deleted. They were on my desktop last dec/ jan and I wondered how good your software is at recovery? I’ve recovered image files from a PC in the past and it was pretty good.

The drive is being used as an external hard drive in an enclosure. When switched on it beeps at different ptiches and clicks. It is a Samsung SP2514N 250gb drive. We have opened it and reset the head but this hasn’t fixed it.

My pc can’t find my external USB drive. I’ve looked at a few sites on the internet and what has happened to my hard drive is best explained in this blog post. It is a 500gb WD Elements external drive. The light still comes on and it makes a noise like it is still working.

I’ve possibly dropped my WD “My Passport” 1TB external hard drive in a house move, and it’s being recognised by my computer (at least, it makes a sound), but it doesn’t connect. It’s making a sound like it’s constantly trying to boot up, in three-second bursts. It has all my holiday photos on – perhaps only 100GB is actually being used. Is it possible that you could open it up and get it working again, and if so, how much would it cost?

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